About Us

Our journey goes back to the time when a passionate food lover and entrepreneur opened the very first Cevichein Restaurant in 2012.  The owner of the restaurant is Peruvian by birth, so he is a very passionate for authentic Peruvian and Latin American cuisines.

His great passion paved the way for one of the most authentic Peruvian and Latin American restaurants of today!

We are proud of our customers who visit us from all over the world – locals as well as travelers to shower their love for our food. We strive to make each customer happy and satisfied with the authentic Peruvian and Latin American dishes at Cevichein.

We have now adopted takeout and delivery model, mostly to adapt to the new norms after the COVID outbreak. You can now enjoy our food wherever you want, outside in nature or even in the comfort of your own home as well.

In our Kitchen, we always cook with fresh and local produce. And the same freshness and homely environment reflect in the taste of our dishes.

Our chefs are trained and experienced, and most of the foods they prepare at Cevichein are inspired by their own childhood memories and made with the same love and care.

If you love Peruvian and Latin delicacies, we welcome you to Cevichein Restaurant!