Craving authentic Peruvian cuisine?


Cevichein Restaurant welcomes you wholeheartedly to try our authentic Peruvian and Latin American dishes. We promise that you will come back for more!

We serve the tastiest Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Pescado frito, Carne Asada, Sopa de Mariscos, and Pupusas you will ever come across in your life.

Some things in the world like food, fragrance, and music have the potential to takes us back to our old gold days. We promise to make you feel the same way, that is whenever you taste our food, your mind will wander and go back to the past in beautiful Peru.

Come visit us with your friends, family, and even solo to get the taste like a local or even while you are traveling and wanting to eat some finger-licking authentic Peruvian dishes.

You will not regret it, we are waiting excitedly to serve you, to help you make some beautiful new memories with Cevichein Restaurant!

So that next time you eat homemade Peruvian or Latin American food, and after the first bite when you close your eyes, your wandering mind will first take you back to us and then to the picturesque Peru.